In 1994, in what some would say was a state of madness, we shocked friends, neighbours and relations when we purchased the French Pass quarry which consisted of four acres of gorse, broom, blackberry and every other noxious weed available, plus a large gully.

We have come a long way since 1994. The quarry is now extensively planted in native and exotic plants and trees plus fruit and nut trees which attract the birds including an increasing number of Tui’s and other natives .We have also planted a saffron plot and an olive grove containing trees of various varieties.

Our environmentally friendly rammed earth home nestles securely in it’s surrounding gardens which grow like topsy making it appear that it has been here a lot longer than it actually has and we use a lot of recycled equipment which also helps to give the appearance of an older garden adding to the wonderful feeling of peace and tranquillity.

A more recent addition is a two story wooden barn which also nestles into the trees and houses our olive pressing equipment.During the week I teach mosaics in there-it is ideal and is enjoyed by all who attend

We invite you to view our home, garden and olive grove on your next garden tour and enjoy the experience of our personalised and informative tour at a relaxed pace and get tips about design, growing, and management.

Visit the photos section and read some of the comments and feedback for an appetizer, then come and visit us for the full experience.

Peter & Eunice Martin

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